Menton Menton

Menton sits right on the beach, tucked in between Monte Carlo and Italy. The French Riviera as a whole has of course its own regional climate, but Menton has got its own micro climate, characterised especially by the mild winters, favouring the growing of citrus fruits.
Every year in February Menton hosts the Lemon Festival.

As is the case elsewhere on the Riviera, Menton's sunny and mild conditions attract many people, several of them well-known artists and writers; for example, New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) spent a year in Menton (in villa Isola-Bella, on the street later named after her).

Menton sea front Menton sea front

The spring day this picture was taken it was sunny, but there was strong and dry wind blowing in from the sea, allowing for great visibility but making the air feel quite chilly. As soon as the winds die down though, the warm sunshine makes the Mentonnais beach a very pleasant place!

Musée Jean-Cocteau Musée Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), French poet and artist, created his own musuem in the 17th century fort called the Bastion, on the seafront. Work on display includes drawings, tapestries, watercolours, pastels, ceramics and mosaics made of pebbles.
The museum also houses temporary exhibitions from artists around the world.

A stroll through the town will let you discover the typical Menton mosaics, churches and gardens of Menton.

More information on the Menton Tourist Office website.